A system for tiling

Baumit Baumacol – system for binding facing and tiling

Basis for lining

Application of facing and lining in high quality is conditioned by firm, load-bearing, dry, clean and sufficiently even surface, such as for instance concrete, porous concrete, dry matured plasters etc.

Lepenie obkladov a dlažby


Bigger unevenness of the floor must be levelled in advance. For instance by self-levelling screeds Baumit Nivello. If an inclined layer has to be created, cambered concrete Baumit FlexBeton can be used.


Unevenness of walls can be removed by the restoration screed Baumit VivaRenova. Bigger grooves and cracks can be filled by the quick-drying material Baumit SpeedFix.

Bonding primer

Deeply absorption bases can markedly reduce the adhesion of bonding mortars. A suitable bonding primer will form a sufficiently rough surface and ensure that humidity of bonding mortar is evenly soaked to the surface thanks to which the bonding mortar will reach an optimum adhesion.
Use the bonding primer Baumit Grund for absorption bases, and Baumit SuperGrund for non-absorption bases.

Water insulation – no chance for humidity

Floors and walls exposed to direct spraying water in rooms with wet operations (e.g. showers, shower cubicles, washrooms, swimming pools) must be sufficiently insulated. Insulation screed Baumit Baumacol Protect is designated for insulation of terraces, balconies, and areas in the exterior, as well as of showers and bathrooms in the interior. Insulation screed Baumit Baumacol Proof is designated for water insulation in the interior.
Water insulation is completed with flexible sealing tapes for perfect sealing of edges and angles, as well as with components for flexible sealing of inlets and penetrations of fittings.

Lepidlá na obklady a dlažby

Adhesives – find the right solution

High-quality ceramic wall tiling of many colours, patters and materials will no way limit your creativity. However, it is important to choose a correct type of adhesive to guarantee stability and beauty for many years.

In the Baumit Baumacol assortment, you can find a correct type of adhesive for every application – from standard adhesive Baumit Baumacol Basic, high-flexible adhesive Baumit Baumacol FlexTop up to the adhesive especially suitable for adhesion of marble Baumit Baumacol FlexMarmor.

Grouting – finals in trendy colours

Škárovanie obkladu

Grouting has a particularly important function at facing. It connects individual components of the facing, ensures protection of the facing area against moisture, and last but not least, participates in formation of an overall aesthetic image of the work.
Baumit Baumacol PremiumFuge offers 24 colour shades. Grouting material is flexible, water-proof with antimould and dirt-repelling treatment. An optimum supplement of the grouting material is a permanently elastic silicone cement Baumit Baumacol Silikon that is supplied, in addition to 24 shades, also as a transparent cement.