Baumit Concrete

Baumit concrete

Compared with concrete supplied to a construction site in the form of fresh mortar, bagged dry concrete mixtures have several advantages: the mixtures are available in small quantities for minor jobs and can be used in hard-to-reach locations. During building, you are not dependent on the supplier, and your speed of progress is totally up to you. You can use the material that is left over on the next project.

  • Consistent quality guaranteed
  • Simple storage and processing
  • Solutions for every problem

A construction site just like home

Universal concretes with wide-ranging options for use in the home and garden. For all standard concrete structures, laying foundation strips, footings and bases, concrete ceilings, walls, columns and stairs. Special concrete for structures requiring high strength or water-proofing properties, e.g. reservoirs, septic tanks, sumps, etc.

Baumit Beton B20

Univerzálny betón B20

Universal concrete offering a strength of 20 MPa in normal use. For building small concrete elements, columns, foundations, walls, stairs, etc. Grain size 8 mm.

Baumit WU concrete

Vodonepriepustný betón

Impervious concrete with a high-strength of 37 MPa. For building sumps, septic tanks, slabs, water reservoirs and other structures requiring high strength or hydrophobic properties.

For special purposes

Building can also involve more demanding structures that require special products. A frequent problem on terraces or in bathrooms is building a gradient layer , i.e. a layer with variable thickness, which leads to large stresses on the materials and often results in the formation of cracks. Our answer to this problem is Baumit FlexBeton, a highly flexible concrete reinforced by special fibres. If you need concrete filler for filling in cavities or door frames, you can use Baumit FillBeton. For filling hollow cement blocks, the appropriate concrete is Baumit PumpBeton supplied in a tank.

Baumit FlexBeton

Spádový betón

Gradient concrete reinforced by fibres for creating a gradient layer with variable thickness from 10 to 40 mm.

Baumit FillBeton

Výplňový betón

Expansive concrete mixture for filling in cavities or door frames. While hardening, the volume increases by 2%, thus filling out the cavities very well.

Baumit PumpBeton

Zalievanie dutinových tvárnic

Pouring concrete supplied in a tank, ready-mixed, for filling all hollow blocks, e.g. Durisol, Premac, etc.

Quick concrete

Fast-setting Baumit FixBeton for building foundations for columns, pergolas, gazebos, fences, drying racks, etc. Effective and with simple application. Can be applied even without mixing. Ideal for whenever you have to get the job done fast.