Baumit FixBeton

Baumit FixBeton

Fast concreting works for amateurs and pros alike!

The world seems to be spinning ever faster and we have less and less time for family and simple things that make life. We are looking for ways to make our life simpler and have more time for family, hobbies and rest. Who could have guessed that it was concrete that would help us?

  • Fast-setting concrete
  • For erecting posts, swings and small foundations
  • Workability even with no mixing

When can we take advantage of this concrete?

Rýchle betónovanie

Fast-setting C16 / 20 concrete mix for fast erection and anchoring of small architecture elements that are not intended to withstand significant loads, such as posts used for fences, lighting, mail boxes, advertisement hoardings, flag poles, clothes lines, playground climbers and sliders etc., as well as when need arises for small concrete works in areas with difficult access to power grid and placing foundations for small structural elements.


No mixing required

No power, mixer nor even container required. Ideal for hard-to-reach spots. Pour the dry mix into the prepared pit and add appropriate amount of water and that’s it.
Initial setting time: approx. 3 minutes
Time to light load bearing: approx. 30 minutes
Time to heavy load-bearing: approx. 24 hours

When mixed

Dry concrete mixture is combined with water in a container, poured into formwork and compacted. The process must be carried out in limited time period of 10 minutes, when the concrete starts hardening.Initial setting time: approx. 10 minutes Time to light load bearing: approx. 30 minutesTime to heavy load-bearing: approx. 24 hours.

Application without mixing - step by step

Kotvenie stĺpika

Step 1: Dig the foundation pit for the post. The pit should extend 20 - 30 cm around the element to be anchored. Place the pole. Drench with water side walls and bottom of the pit.

Kotvenie stĺpika

Step 2: Pour the dry Baumit FixBeton mix into the pit, forming a 10 cm thick layer.

Kotvenie stĺpika

Step 3: Smooth the dry mixture layer with a trowel.

Kotvenie stĺpika

Step 4: Finally, use a fan spray nozzle to pour the specified amount of water onto dry mixture already placed in the pit. (3.2 L water per 25 kg bag) Let the mixture soak in the water for about 1 minute and repeat the process until the desired level of the foundation has been reached.

Kotvenie stĺpika

Step 5: Smooth the last layer with a trowel immediately after the concrete has soaked the water in.

Kotvenie stĺpika

Step 6: The concrete mixture will start hardening after about 3 minutes. The pole will be fixed after 5 minutes. concrete will be able to withstand light and heavy loads in 30 minutes and 24 hours, respectively.

Video - Application of Baumit FixBeton