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Everything for the repair of your facade

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Also a facade, which you take regularly care for, will need a renovation over time. It doesn´t matter, whether it is concerning a heat cadded facade or only a plastered one, it doesn´t matter, in which environment it is situated. There are more possibilities, how to renovate a facade. According to the contamination or damage condition, the way of renovation is determined from a simple brightening of the look by a coating to a complete renovation. Facade renovation with the Baumit materials gives your house a new face again for many years.

Many problems, one solution

Znečistená fasáda
Contaminated facade

Deposited impurities on a facade form a dividing layer for the following coatings. Adhesion of a new coating is very low. It is necessary to clean the facade.

Contaminated facade
Pieskujúci povrch fasáy
Sand blasting surface

Sand blasting or chalking areas decrease stability of a new coating and they may cause that the newly applied colour doesn´t adhere to the facade surface.

I want to renovate a facade
Silno nasiakavý povrch fasády
Strongly absorptive facade

Strongly or unevenly absorptive base may cause origination of blurs on the newly applied facade colour.

Renovation of an absorptive facade
Odlupujúci sa náter
Shreding coating

It is necessary to remove shredding coating before applying of a new colour. And to align the resulting inequalities by means of a renovation smoothing.

To repair a facade
Riasy na fasáde

Algae on the facade

Facades must resist to different weather influences, contamination and also attack of algae. It is not enough to wash such facade but it must be treated specially.

mikrotrhlinky na fasáde

Cracks on a facade < 0,5 mm

It is necessary to inspect and measure cracks on a facade. By small capillary cracks the help is simple. A special penetration coating with fibers and a new facade colour are enough.

Trhliny na fasáde

Cracks on a facade > 0,5 mm

In the case of cracks with a width of more than 0.5 mm, it is imperative to act immediately because the penetration of moisture can lead to a large damage to the facade.