How to renovate a facade with algaes

How to renovate a facade with algae

Even though the facade fulfills its function, pollination by the algae and fungus does not add to it. We shall advise you how to get rid of algae on a facade in 2 simple steps.

Why does algae emerge on a facade?

Algae are microorganisms that need light, nutrients, normal temperature and water - humidity to live. The algae and fungus formation on a facade is mainly influenced by water and moisture. These include increased air humidity, heavy dense rain, rising moisture from the render, construction shortcomings (leaks) and condensing water.
Facades that are near forests, dense vegetation, watercourses, lakes or in valleys and lowlands with less sunlight are also more prone. In these cases, it is necessary to consider the object architecture, orientation and correct selection of the plaster or thermal insulation system, including the surface treatment.
The facade must be treated regularly (washing of the facade, checking plumbing elements, painting, etc.). But what can we do if our facade is still contaminated with algae?

2 steps to a new facade

Before applying a new surface finish, apply a special Baumit FungoFluid coat to the render and then apply a new high quality facade paint.

Step 1

Riasy na fasáde

Apply Baumit FungoFluid special coating to the render, let it work and clean the facade.

Step 2

Nová fasádna farba

Finally, apply a new facade paint, Baumit NanoporColor or StarColor, ideal for more resistant algae.

Step by step working instructions

1. What do we need?

Ako odstrániť riasy na fasáde

We will need a special Baumit FungoFluid solution, a spray or paint brush, a hard binder brush, a container, a facade roller or machine painting equipment.
We will check the facade and if the facade shows other deficiencies (missing, decomposing render, etc.), it is necessary to remove them: See: Render preparation

2. Product application

Nanesenie roztoku proti riasam

Apply Baumit FungoFluid antifungal product on a dirty facade with a spray, roller or a paint brush and leave the product to work for a min. of 12 hours. This step is important to prevent the living microorganisms from escaping into the surrounding environment during the subsequent steps where they could further pollute the already treated facade.

3. Facade cleaning

Odstránenie rias z fasády

Mechanically remove dirt and microorganisms from the surface and thoroughly clean the facade with pressurised water. Dispose of waste.

4. Product application

Zariasená fasáda

Allow the surface of the facade to dry and apply Baumit FungoFluid antifungal product on the render 1 - 2 times.

5. New facade paint

Nová fasádna farba

We apply two layers of high quality facade paint to the clean facade. The first coat is applied diluted with 10 - 15% water. After a break of a min. of 12 hours we apply 1 to 2 coats of the facade paint as required. Allow a min. of 4 hours between each coat.

6. Facade paint spraying

Striekanie fasádnej farby

Baumit facade paint may also be applied using airless spraying. It allows fast and even application of the facade paint in a short time even on large uniform surfaces.

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