How to renovate a peeling facade

Facade renovation - peeling paint

Remove the peeling pain with a spatula before applying the new facade paint. Smooth the surface irregularities using a renovation render.

4 steps to a new facade

Physically remove the peeling paint and clean the facade. The resulting uneven surface is rendered and a new quality facade plaster is applied.

Step 1

Odlupujúci sa náter na fasáde

Physically remove the peeling paint and clean the facade.

Step 2

Penetrácia na fasádu

For better adhesion and bonding of the render, apply Baumit MultiPrimer bonding primer.

Step 3

Prestierkovanie fasády_MultiWhite

Render the facade using Baumit MultiWhite and insert the glass fiber net.

Step 4

Nová fasádna farba

Once the new render matured, apply a new facade paint, Baumit StarColor, NanoporColor or SiliconColor.

Step by step working instructions

1. What do we need?

Obnova fasády - odlupujúci sa náter

Prepare the Baumit MultiWhite renovation render, fiber glass net, Baumit MultiPrimer bonding primer, spatula, anti-corrosive smoother, masonry spoon, hard bristle brush, suitable mixing bowl.

2. Facade cleaning

Odstránenie uvoľnených častí

The surface of the facade must be firm and cohesive, free of algae and cracks. Physically remove the peeling paint using a spatula. Brush or pressure wash the dusty and dirty facade. If the facade still has other deficiencies, it is necessary to remove them first.
See: Render preparation

3. Bonding primer

Základn náter, hĺbkový základ

Depending on the absorbency of the render, dilute the Baumit MultiPrimer bonding primer with water 1:1 to 1:5 and mix well. Apply the primer onto the render using a brush, a roller, or spray. When applying multiple layers, always apply to a dry layer. Curing time before applying the render is at least 12 hours.

4. Facade rendering

Penetrácia na silno nasiakavý podklad

Apply the Baumit MultiWhite to the dry render using an anti-corrosion toothed smoother and insert the fiberglass mesh. After slight drying of the first layer, apply the second thin layer and after sufficient drying, treat the surface structure by a polystyrene, felt or foam smoother. Render width 3 - 5 mm.

5. New facade coat

Nová fasádna farba

We apply two layers of high quality facade paint to the clean facade. The first coat is applied diluted with 10 - 15% water. After a break of a min. of 12 hours we apply 1 to 2 coats of the facade paint as required. Allow a min. of 4 hours between each coat.

6. Facade paint spraying

Striekanie fasádnej farby

Baumit facade paint may also be applied using airless spraying. It allows fast and even application of the facade paint in a short time even on large uniform surfaces.

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