How to repair a concrete balcony

How to repair a concrete balcony

Most often occurring defects of the balcony boards are caused by degradation of concrete, corrosion of handrails and uncovered balcony board reinforcement. The Baumit system offers products for rehabilitation of concrete structures for protection of existing balcony structures.

The Baumit BetoSystem ensures perfect and simple solution in the following cases:

  • Reconstructions of original surfaces by repair of peeling off surfaces and unevenness
  • Surface levelling
  • Corrosion protection and increase of coverage of concrete reinforcement
  • Antifreeze and defrosting protection (high mechanical and chemical resistances)
  • Reinforcing or recovery of civil structures

Step by step working instructions

Očistenie podkladu

1. Remove sanding, peeling off and incompact parts of the balcony board surface by a chisel, hammer or a cutting hammer up to faultless concrete.

Odstránenie hrdze

2. Carefully clean the reinforcement from rust by sanding or by a wire brush or a rotation wire brush to a metallic look.

Očistenie balkónovej dosky

3. Clean the surface by high-pressure water jet to remove dust and other dirt from the surface to ensure high adhesion to other materials.

Ochranný náter proti korózii

4. Immediately after cleaning the surface of reinforcement and steel components, apply 2 layers of corrosion protection coat Baumit BetoProtect. Apply the second layer after the curing time of 6 hours after the first coat.

Navlhčenie podkladu

5. A day before application of the adhesion bridge Baumit BetoHaft, wet the surface sufficiently with water once again to ensure perfect connection with the subsequently applied material. Take care to prevent formation of a water film on the horizontal area.

Nanesenie kontaktného mostíka

6. Apply the adhesion bridge Baumit BetoHaft on the pre-wetted surface by a hard brush to achieve continuous coverage of the surface, and ensure perfect connection with the subsequently applied material. All openings and hollows have to be carefully covered.

Sanačná malta

7. Apply the renovation plaster Baumit BetoFill by the “fresh to fresh” system on the applied Baumit BetoHaft layer by pressure. The renovation plaster can be applied up to the layer thickness of 40 mm in one operation. Attention! The plaster cannot be applied on a dried adhesion bridge. If this is the case, the adhesion bridge has to be removed and the procedure repeated.

Betónová stierka

8. Install a suitable profile with a beak to the lower edge of balcony. Then, apply the concrete screed Baumit BetoFinish evenly on the pre-wetted surface by the “fresh to fresh” system with the thickness of max. 5 mm to unify the surface.

Zrekonštruovaný betónový balkón

9. Protect the reconstructed balcony board surfaces against too quick drying (e.g. by a PE foil). After curing the layer, make the final surface treatment.

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