How to tile a bathroom

Bathroom, binding a facing
Step by step

If walls and floors are permanently stressed by humidity, the facing must cope with increased demands. Also in this case, the Baumacol system will arrange proper composition of areas to be lined.

Baumacol in the bathroom

Obkladanie kúpeľne

1. Preparation of substrate: bonding primer Baumit Grund
2. Levelling or slope layer: e.g. Baumit FkexBeton
3. Water-proof insulation: insulation paint Baumacol Proof or screed Baumacol Protect
4. Sealing tapes: Baumacol sealing tape and accessories
5. Adhesive: according to the type of tiling, e.g. Baumacol FlexTop, FlexTop Speed, FlexMarmor, FlexUni
6. Grout: Baumacol PremiumFuge
7. Silicone cement: Baumacol Silikon

Step by step procedure

Penetrácia podkladu

1. Before binding, the substrate must be carefully cleaned. The substrate must be dry, clean, firm, and not frozen.

2. Use floor screeds Baumit Nivello for levelling of unevenness, if needed, or Baumit FlexBeton for making a slope layer.

Penetrácia podkladu

3. Treat the substrate with the bonding primer Baumit Grund or Baumit SuperGrund to ensure better adhesion and equalize absorbability.

Izolačný náter pod obklad

4. Places exposed to directly spraying water, such as showers, bathrooms etc., shall be treated by the insulation coat Baumit Baumacol Proof or the screed Baumacol Protect.

Izolačné rohové pásky

5. Before application of the insulation coat, insert the Baumit Baumacol Sealing Tape to corners.

nanesenie lepidla pod obklad

6. Spread the adhesive for facing and tiling by a suitable scoring tool in the 45 – 60° angle. It is recommended to apply adhesive on the substrate and also on the bottom part of facing to ensure better adhesion of facing to the substrate.

Položenie dlažby v kúpeľni

7. Slightly press facing component to the prepared adhesion bed. Position of the facing or tiling can be corrected within app. 5 min. Remove potential residues of adhesive by a wet sponge.

Škárovanie obkladu

8. After drying the adhesive, press the jointing material diagonally to joints by a rubber spatula. After 5 to 15 minutes, wash the facing and the tiling by clean water by a soft sponge.

Silikón na dlažbu

9. Inject silicone cement to the joints by an injection gun. It is suitable for filling of expansion or assembly joints.