Stucco renders and skim plasters

There are five reasons for Baumit Stucco

  • Improved formula
  • Convenient 25 kg packaging
  • For all types of substrates
  • Excellent workability
  • Proven quality at affordable price
Štukové omietky

Baumit VivaInterior

Interior stucco

Jemný štuk (FeinPutz)

Fine stucco render in so-called Feinputz-gray with smooth texture, grain size 0.6 mm. It is always applied to cured undercoat lime-cement plaster. For thicknesses of 3-5 mm.

Baumit VivaMaxima

Extra white stucco

Biely štuk (Feinputz)

White stucco plaster with smoothed surface, grain size 0.6 mm. Applied on cured plasters, but also on glue with mesh applied to porous concrete in the interior. Plaster thickness 3-5 mm.

Baumit VivaRenova

Renovation stucco

Renovačný štuk, stierka

Renovation skim plaster with improved adhesion. Suitable for renovation and re-plastering old plasters, for levelling plasters, as well as plaster applied directly on concrete. Plaster thickness 3-7 mm.

Baumit VivaExterior

Exterior stucco

Vonkajší štuk

White stucco render primarily designed for the exterior but also suitable for the interior. Especially where higher render strength is required. Always applied to the undercoat plaster. For thicknesses of 3-5 mm.

Lime stucco plaster Klima

Vápenné štukové omietky

To support better indoor climate, moisture stabilization and a sense of well-being, choose stucco plasters or skim plaster from the Klima product line. For finely smoothed or completely smooth surfaces.

  • Mineral skim plasters free of harmful substances
  • Moisture regulation support
  • Disinfecting effect and mold formation prevention