Renovation of concrete

Rehabilitation of concrete

  • Comprehensive system of products
  • Complex reconstruction of concrete structures, balconies
  • Corrosion and salt protection of reinforcement
Oprava betónových balkónov

Baumit BetoSystem for repair of various concrete structures

The most often occurring defects of concrete structures are defects caused by degradation of concrete, corrosion of handrails or uncovered reinforcement of a balcony plate or by growing through roots. The Baumit system offers products for rehabilitation of concrete structures for protection of existing balcony structures. The Baumit BetoSystem products will ensure perfect and simple solution.

  • Balconies and loggia
  • Columns and lintels
  • Concrete walls
  • Stair slabs

Protection of reinforcement

Ochrana výstuže

Anticorrosion paint Baumit BetoProtect for protection of reinforcement against corrosion. Mineral components ensure a perfect adhesion to steel reinforcement and concrete.

Adhesion bridge

Adhézny mostík

Contact bridge Baumit BetoHaft to ensure connection of old and new concrete. For vertical, horizontal and overlapping concrete structures.

Renovation plaster

Sanačná opravná malta

Repair mortar Baumit BetoFill for repair and filling of damaged concrete. Suitable for repairs up to the thickness of 4 cm.

Concrete screed

Betónová stierka
Fine concrete screed Baumit BetoFinish for area-wide as well as local correction of unevenness to the thickness of 5 mm. Antifreeze, with high adhesion.

How to repair a concrete balcony? Step by step procedure

Oprava betónového balkónu