Traditional lime plasters NHL

Traditional lime renders for heritage site restoration

Tradičné vápenné omietky

With the NHL binder and the NHL ready-mix mortar, Baumit now offers a mixed product line for the renovation of historic buildings. The properties of NHL products, adapted to their historical role models, are the ideal solution when it comes to restoring old plaster stocks to their original specifications. Thanks to their natural porosity and diffusion-openness, these products are also used in new buildings and can thus create great indoor climate conditions.

  • Special products for historical buildings
  • System products for machine and manual application
  • Systemprodukte für händische und maschinelle Verarbeitung
  • Ready mixed products and binders
  • Higher safety through uniform setting
  • Breathable systems

NHL – Natural Hydraulic Lime

It stands for naturally hydraulic lime. It combines the advantages of a classic lime plaster - bonding with CO2 - with the hardening by water absorption, without added cement and is preferably used in historical buildings to protect the building fabric.

Historické omietky

How to renovate historic buildings safely

Historic and listed buildings are unique and deserve highest quality when it comes to using renovation products. With the Baumit NHL products you are on the safe side.

Preparation of substrate and base render

Baumit NHL special pre-sprayed coat for preparation of the substrate before application of NHL plasters. Basecoat renders are available for manual and machine application. NHL termo thermal insulation render may be used to increase the thermal insulation properties of masonry.

Stucco plasters, mortars, surface finishes, and adhesive

Soft stucco plaster with soft smooth surface is applied to NHL manual or machine render. To create a mortar layer reinforced by mesh on thermal insulation render, we use NHL mortar applied in two granularities, fine smooth (0.6 mm) and fine granular (1 mm). Baumit NHL smooth lime mortar finish is also available for completely smooth surfaces.

We recommend Baumit NanoporColor facade paint as a facade surface finish for NHL renders.

Baumit NHL 3.5 natural hydraulic lime serves for producing your own mortar and renders.