"We want people to feel good in their houses.
Our Products are based on research in the Viva Park"

Mag. Robert Schmid, founder of Viva Research Park Project

The Viva research park is Europe’s largest research facility for comparative building material studies.

Its main objective is to accurately measure and evaluate the impact of different construction materials to living comfort by simulating typical user behavior.

How the research was done.

We started collecting data in 2015 when the first 10 houses were built. All houses were built with the same internal dimensions: 3x4 meters and 2.8 meters high. They each consist of one room, all have one window and one door. The walls as well as the outer and inner layers of the houses were built with different construction materials such as concrete, brick, wood and different inner and outer coatings. 

The houses are arranged in a special grid to make sure they get the same amount of sunshine. House no. 8 was dedicated for measuring external conditions: temperature, wind, humidity, etc. It comes with a data center which collects raw data from all other houses continually. House no. 5 is currently being used as a test house for new Baumit products. The research park was extended by another 3 houses made of bricks and aerated concrete in 2018 and 2019 for further research.

In every house there were 33 sensors which measured 10 different parameters. During two years of measurement, 5 million data items were collected.







Results analytics.

The Viva research park was founded in 2014 in cooperation and according to the scientific requirements of the following institutes:

Medical University Vienna
(Department of Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine)
(Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology)
FH Burgenland
(University of Applied Sciences)Of course, there can be different needs for different projects:

Research exploitation.

Depending on the task, the final results are checked and evaluated by several external institutes which then are applied in different fields:

We can evaluate strengths and weaknesses of construction types and of building materials.
We can give specific advice and solutions for each problem to customers.
Naturally, we test our own Baumit products and solutions to prove their effects.

The results are also used by our Research & Development Department for improvement of existing and development of brand new products.

Summer heats.

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Winter cold.

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Interior humidity.

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